Product Features

CodeBhagat lets you focus your time on the Design rather than coding. Once the database design is properly set, you can easily generate various pages/components/classes etc.

Quick Generate (One-Click Generate and No Questions Asked!):

CodeBhagat lets you generate various types of code, quickly and easily, either by using Context Menu item on Database Explorer and selecting the code you want to generate OR by selecting code template from the Template Explorer window, using just One-Click action and No Questions Asked!!! You do not need to go through various wizard steps each time you want to generate the code.

You may also use the following shortcut keys:
  • F5 - To Quick Generate the code using One-Click action
  • F6 - To Custom Generate the code
  • F7 - To Edit the Code Template
  • F8 - To Preview/Generate HTML Prototype.

Supports Multiple Databases

You can use multiple databases in a single CodBhagat project and regardless of the type of database. CodeBhagat supports following type of databases:
  • SQL Server
  • SQL Express
  • SQL Azure
  • SQL Database Files (.mdf)
  • SQL CE/Mobile (.sdf)
  • Oracle
  • MS-Access

Generates Code for Multiple Languages (C# and VB.NET)

You can select the language of your choice, C#.NET or VB.NET, for your code generation needs, and this option can be easily accissible from the toolbar and can be changed at anytime.


Generates Code for Multiple User Interfaces (ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC)

Presentation Layer (ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC)You can generate the Presentation Layer code either for ASP.NET OR ASP.NET MVC. Future versions will include the code templates for WPF and JavaScript frameworks like Node.js and AngularJS etc.

For ASP.NET, you can choose to generate Web User Controls (.ascx) as well as ASP.NET Web Pages (.aspx) that will contain your web user controls. You can easily generate code for all CRUD operations.
  • List page provides Custom GridView Component that contains built-in paging, sorting and data export features.
  • Generates Search control with all the fields along with dropdown selection for fields where Lookup is defined.
  • Generates Add/Edit page with client validation controls for the fields such as RequiredFieldValidator, RegularExpressionValidator and ValidationSummary control to list errors before you submit or save the data.
  • Automatically generates Captions for columns for Add, Edit and View pages.
  • Generate Windows Explorer like User Interface where you can select the node from TreeView and display the related node contents and child data on right panel.
  • Generates Lookups for the fields and provides DropdownList, RadioButtonList, ListBox and CheckBoxList controls.
  • Provides 7 stylesheets/themes (DarkBlue, Brown, Gray, LightGray, VlightGray, Blue and Green etc.) and made it easy to create new themes with your favorite styles.
You may visit our Northwind Sample Application developed using CodeBhagat generator.

For ASP.NET MVC, you can choose to generate the Views either in ASPX Views or RAZOR Views.
  • Generates List page (using JQueryGrid) that contains built-in paging, sorting, search and data export features.
  • Generates Add/Edit page with client validation controls for the fields such as RequiredFieldValidator, RegularExpressionValidator and ValidationSummary control to list errors before you submit or save the data.
  • Generates Lookups for the fields and provides DropdownList, RadioButtonList, ListBox and CheckBoxList controls.

Create Multiple Projects:

You can create multiple projects for different applications within CodeBhagat generator, add multiple databases in each project and maintain different settings for each code generation project.

Separate Template for each project:

You may also use separate code generation templates for each project. This way you can easily change the code template for the project you are working on, while keeping the original templates as is.

Choose Command Type: Inline SQL vs. Stored Procedures

Database Inline SQL Stored Procedures
MS SQL Server (T-SQL) Yes Yes
SQL Express Yes Yes
SQL Azure Yes Yes
SQL Database Files (*.mdf) Yes Yes
SQL CE/Mobile Yes N/A
Oracle (PL/SQL) Yes Yes
MS Access Yes N/A
CodeBhagat lets you choose the Command Type option for each project whether to use Inline SQL OR Stored Procedures for your code generation needs. CodeBhagat will generate the necessary SQL statements or Stored Procedure call within your Data Access Layer (DAL) class based on the option selected.  This option is available to you on the toolbar and you can make changes to it whenever you want.

Data Access Layer - Choose Provider

You can select the provider of your choice to generate Data Access Layer classes. You can generate code with any of the following providers based on the database you select.

  • SQL Server, SQL Express, SQL Azure or SQL Database Files (.mdf)
    • SqlClient
    • OleDbClient
    • Enterprise Library
  • SQL CE/Mobile (.sdf)
    • SqlCe
    • SqlClient
    • OleDbClient
    • Enterprise Library
  • Oracle
    • OleDbClient
    • Enterprise Library
  • MS-Access
    • OleDbClient

XML based Templates

CodeBhagat generates your code from an XML based Code Templates. You can easily make necessary changes to the XML tempaltes and take control over a project specific templates (when you maintain separate template for each project). You can select a specific node from the Code Explorer panel and click on "Edit Template" icon OR press F7 to edit the selected code template. This is a great way to customize and control the code generation using your favorite techniques.

Easily Create Service Layer with just One-Click

Creating web services and service layer components was never easy. Using CodeBhagat, you can easily generate code for the following types of services straight from your database objects like Tables, Views, Stored Procedures or UDFs, using just One-Click. You can generate any of the following services. Each service contains necessary methods to perform CRUD operations and more.
  • Web Services
  • WCF Services
  • WCF RESTful Services
  • Web APIs
When you generate the services straight from Stored Procedure, it will analyze the result output and generate the service with multiple results as an output in a Strongly Typed entity object with List of items for each data table.

Define Virtual Keys/Lookups

You can define the Virtual Keys/Lookups for a column of your Table or View as well as parameter of your Stored procedure or User Defined Function. You can also choose how you want your lookups to appear when you generate your user interface straight from database objects. i.e. DropdownList, ListBox, CheckBoxList, or RadioButtonList.

Generate code straight from Stored Procedures or User Defined Functions

This is a unique feature of CodeBhagat where you can generate code straight from your database stored procedures or user defined functions. Once you execute the SP or UDF, the system will analyse the output and generate variety of code straight from your SP/UDF output. If your stored procedure returns multiple results, the user interface will be generated in tabs showing multiple results and Entity Class will contain multiple List objects etc.

Below screen shows the steps to generate the code straight from SP/UDF: